buyers & investors

For private equity and family office investment professionals, Casspium Associates is a solution to a basic challenge: staying in the marketplace when distractions such as attending to the operational and financial needs of existing portfolio companies, executing a transaction, refinancing a current investment, fund-raising can take executives away from sourcing new platform or add-on investment opportunities.

Casspium Associates’ cost-effective Deal Origination Program is a way for private-equity and family office professionals to see transaction opportunities and enhance their current deal flow. Casspium Associates works within pre-defined investment criteria to generate opportunities to fit that criteria and strategies. Our services include:

Capital Raising
  1. (1) Research the target company’s industry and geography
  2. (2) Identify the target company
  3. (3) Screen the target company
  4. (4) Contact the target company to communicate strategic alignments
  5. (5) Sign an NDA with the target company
  6. (6) Review financial information of the target company
  7. (7) Perform financial analysis & initial valuation of the target company
  8. (8) Prepare a deal Teaser /CIM of the target company
  9. (9) Coordinate initial telephonic contact and all subsequent communication, including site visits between the buyer/investor and the target company’s owner/management
  10. (10) Coordinate LOI and Offer Letter processes
  11. (11) Coordinate financial and operational due diligence to ensure a successful transaction between the buyer and seller.
Capital Raising
Our network of professionals and expert advisors, coupled with our proprietary search techniques produce the best deal flow in the lower-middle market for our clients. Our mission is to help you realize your goals and objectives while identifying all strategic opportunities that are in your best interest. We also work hard to uncover prospects that might go undetected by others.

Private equity and family office firms with committed capital seeking to expand their portfolio through platform or strategic add-on acquisitions are encouraged to contact us to learn more about our service.