Strategic Corporate Buyers

There are two ways for growing your business: either through an organic approach or an add-on acquisition approach (or both). The former can be slow and arduous, so more often than not, companies and entrepreneurs opt for the later. Acquiring a business is an intricate process that requires expertise in researching and identifying acquisition targets, initiating conversations and pursuing the correct strategies.

Whether looking to grow via acquisition, form a joint venture, complete a management buy-out, expand nationally, diversify your portfolio or anything in between, our advisors possess deep transaction acumen to guide our clients through the process while adhering to the strictest of confidentiality. Our process includes:

Capital Raising
  1. (1) Research the target company’s industry and geography
  2. (2) Identify the target company
  3. (3) Screen the target company
  4. (4) Contact the target company to communicate strategic alignments
  5. (5) Sign an NDA with the target company
  6. (6) Review financial information of the target company
  7. (7) Perform financial analysis & initial valuation of the target company
  8. (8) Prepare a deal Teaser /CIM of the target company
  9. (9) Coordinate initial telephonic contact and all subsequent communication, including site visits between the buyer/investor and the target company’s owner/management
  10. (10) Coordinate LOI and Offer Letter processes
  11. (11) Coordinate financial and operational due diligence to ensure a successful transaction between the buyer and seller.
Capital Raising
Driven by a disciplined buy-side process, Casspium Associates Corporate Development advisors work with our clients from the onset to help formulate strategies and devise a plan to achieve growth objectives. Pursuing a systematic target identification process, our firm prides itself on our ability to hone in on appropriate targets which meet our clients’ predetermined acquisition criteria.

If your corporation has an annualized revenue of $5 million to $500 million and you are seeking to acquire strategic add-on businesses in order to diversify your portfolio or to extend your geographic reach, please contact us to learn about how we can help.