For investors & buyers

Buy-side M&A search is growing as competition to acquire well-managed companies continues to heat up. Gone are the day when these lucrative opportunities were abundant and readily available. Private equity and family offices continue to move deeper into the lower middle to find value in attractive, small, privately-run niche businesses

But the “lower middle market” is quite different from the middle market. It is characterized by vast numbers of companies and a high percentage of them having material weaknesses. This makes the search process increasingly expensive and ineffective.

Private equity firms, family offices, and strategic acquirors without an in-house business development group are common users of buy-side firms like Casspium. Developing all the skills in-house to run business development can be inefficient and expensive, as the learning curve is long and steep, and technology continues to change what works and what doesn’t

Additionally, investment/buyout firms are too often forced to sort good deals from bad and waste your time in the process. Worse still, they miss out on connecting with a large number of attractive opportunities and owners who operate outside of their radar

Buy-side search can be broad-based and industry agnostic, or pinpoint specific. If you are very clear on your goals, we can identify targets down to revenue, cash flow, employee count, state. Then, with key acquisition candidates identified, we reach out and introduce them to you

If you are strategic or a private investment group seeking to acquire a platform business or an add-on business in order to extend your geographic reach or interested in developing a buy-side relationship with us, please contact us to learn more about our service