Connecting Small/Mid-sized Business Owners with Qualified and Specialized Buyers, Lenders, and Investment Partners


You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. And after years of hard work and many sacrifices, you are ready to sell your business and begin the next phase of your life away from the office or the factory floor

The decision to sell your business might be one of the most complex and difficult decisions that you have ever faced. But before you start talking to potential buyers, you need to ask yourself this question: “What is my business worth?”

The answer is, it doesn’t matter what you may think your business is worth. Only the market can determine the value of your business. Our professional valuation process which combines an overall evaluation of your business and an intensive analysis of the market could provide you a confidential and accurate market value of your company

Because every company has hidden value which could not be easily discovered, finding the true value of a company is not an easy task. In order to assure the accuracy of our valuation, our professional valuation team will work with you to perform an in-depth analysis of your company based on your company financial statements and look into your assets to find and unlock any hidden value in your business

At the same time, we will conduct an intensive industry analysis using the most recent market data to assess the value of your company from a market perspective. This practice could determine more than the current value of your business, enabling you to sell your business at a correct market price

We leverage from our industry experience and utilize the essential resources we have developed to provide you with a defensible and accurate business valuation. By the end of the valuation, we further assist you in other processes that help bring your transaction to a close – at no cost to you